Certification Program
hand on laptop keyboard with Yahoo DSP Certification program

Product certification program focused on campaign activation using the Yahoo DSP


Yahoo's media, technology, and business platforms connect hundreds of millions of people around the world to the things they love.


The Yahoo DSP Certification, available to all Yahoo DSP clients, is designed to help new customers gain familiarity with the DSP and build confidence to make more informed omnichannel buying decisions.

The coursework covers topics like platform navigation, audience creation, inventory, insights, and planning. Each topic consists of single-page video lessons followed by activities and knowledge checks to help learners apply key concepts. After going through the coursework, learners complete a certification exam and earn a badge to share on their resume, email signature, portfolio, and social media.


The following tools were instrumental in launching and managing the Yahoo DSP Certification:

  • Exceed

    Intellum offers a platform for developing and managing online customer education programs. Exceed, Intellum's proprietary LMS, was used to host and manage the learner experience for the Yahoo DSP Certification including enrollment, progress tracking, and certification.

  • Evolve

    The Evolve authoring tool was used to create most of the elearning content used in the Yahoo DSP Certification. Evolve features a robust set of built-in learning interactions and extensions like quizzing, software simulation, variables, and more. In addition, most of Evolve's settings are customizable either within the tool itself or through exporting courses as .json files.