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Resource document covering the EU's General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and its implications for digital marketing


Mediabrands is a a group of media agencies, including UM, Initiative, Reprise, and others, that focus on the planning, strategy, and execution of digital marketing campaigns.


The General Data Protection Regulation (CCPA) is a European Union (EU) regulation implemented in 2018 that aims to give individuals control over their personal data. It has wide-reaching implications for a range of businesses, especially for digital marketing.

The GDPR Compliance Guide provides an overview of GDPR, background on its intent, and guidance for Mediabrands clients, partners, and employees to comply with its requirements and protect individuals' right to own their personal data.


  • Adobe Illustrator

    Due to the legal nature of the subject matter, it was important to illustrate and simplify key concepts. Graphics and illustrations created in Adobe Illustrator were used to communicate these topics in a relatable way.

  • Adobe InDesign

    One component of the compliance guide is a booklet shared in print and as a PDF. Adobe InDesign was used to create a master template with various layouts that included graphics and text descriptions of related topics.