eLearning Course
hands using laptop and phone with calculator graphic

eLearning course about various delivery and performance metrics used in programmatic media campaigns


Matterkind (previously Cadreon) offers addressable media solutions for brands and digital marketers using a conscious marketing approach.


The Media Metrics eLearning course consists of several interactive lessons that guide learners on how to use common delivery and performance metrics to optimize digital media campaigns. While the subject matter pertains mostly to campaign management, the concepts can be applied in a number of other areas related to digital media such as strategy, data science, and finance.


The following tools were instrumental in building this course:

  • Articulate 360

    Articulate 360 is a suite of software used to develop eLearning in various formats. It includes tools for designing and producing eLearning coursework, as well as for remote collaboration. One of its core products, Articulate Rise, is designed for creating responsive course layouts for various devices and was the primary tool for this project.

  • Adobe Illustrator

    Due to the complexity of the subject matter, it was important to illustrate and simplify key concepts. Graphics and illustrations created in Adobe Illustrator are used to communicate these topics in a relatable way.